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Dr Kenneth E Pyle

COMFORT is my highest priority. I go to great lengths to deliver comfortable care. I take pride in being able to deliver pain-free injections; I want to hear: "I didn't feel a thing"

Informed Patients
I want my patients to understand why I am suggesting treatment, so I will always show you a photo of every defect I find and explain my proposed treatment. I encourage you to ask questions until you fully understand the problems and their possible solutions. I believe that treatment should be the minimal required to solve the problem. I take great pride in my work and I enjoy doing it..

Quality and Attention to Detail
I strongly believe in the Adage: "If you are going to do something, do it right" Therefore I do not take shortcuts.. I own Orlando Dental Group, It is MY Name on the door..so I don't have to answer to Corporate Investors or CEO's and CFO's. I only answer to my own professionalism and conscience and to my patients. Dentistry is as much an art as it is a science. Doing what is in the best interest of my patients is my motto. So, that is my commitment to my patients........Do my Best...

Please be sure to read my Comments on Comfort read about comfort)

Dental Plans
Although we accept most Dental plans, I do not allow them to dictate treatment. My diagnosis and treatment are based on what I deem best for my patients. My team will assist you to obtain the maximum benefit from your plan.

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