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I know that most people avoid the Dentist because they are afriad it will hurt ! I know that ! ... After decades of doing Dentistry, I have not become calous to patient's comfort; just the opposite....I have become more sensitive to their discomfort, more empathetic to their fears.  It has become my Mission, my Priority, my Obcession...to deliver comfortable Dentistry..to remove that Fear. I have studied the subject extensively and I have leaarned a lot. I want to share some points and concepts i have learnred that effect your comfort:

1) Attitude: For a Doctor to deliver comfortable dentistry, he has to really CARE about his patients' comfort. He has to be empathetic to their fears and concerns. He must view comfort as a goal ; not as an obstacle to getting the procedure done. He must have the motivation to seek out equipment and techniques that can result in better comfort. He must be willing to invest the time and resources necessary to develope comfortable outcomes. And, he must educate and motivate his team to value patient comfort in the same way he does.

2) Time: Time is an essential element of comfort. The Key point is that anethetic takes time to become fully effective. You can't administer the Anesthetic one minute and pick up the drill the next. You must allow adequate time for drugs and componds to do their job. The Doctor must also take the time to listen to the patient and understand their particular fears and phobias. He must also take the time to stop the procedure if he percieves the slightest patient discomfort.

​3) Pre-Anesthetic Compounds: This refers to a specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade topical Anesthetic that can reduse or eliminate Injection discomfort. I'm not talking about "over-the-counter" Benzocaine, I'm talking about a TRUE topically applied pharmaceutical anesthetic. This is a compound that in most cases allows injections to not be just painless, but i nperceptable :   "I didn't feel a thing" is my goal.

4) Dental Needles: I have researched, found and now employ items that help me acheive painless injections. First consideration is the needle. The size of a Dental Injection needle is measured by Guage. The bigger the number; the smaller the needle. Dental needles are available in Guages 25g, 27g and 30g. (30g being the smallest). I have found a needle outside normal Dental Suppliers that is very small: 32 guage! I only use 32g and 30g needles.  ( read more about Dental Needles )

5) The WAND: The Wand is a computerized system that helps deliver comfortable injections by regulating the pressue of the anesthetc to keep it below discomfort level. It also replaces the awkward and cumbersome Syringe with a easy to manipulable pencil-like needle holder. ( read more about the Wand )

In Summary: Having the right attitude; utilizing adequate time; using appropriate techniques with modern technology CAN result in comfortable if not inperceptible injections. Dentistry can be painless.